Meet the Team of Kesa's Kreations

  1. Kesa Larson Owner - President
    Introvert, creator, caffeine addict!
  2. Beth Barnes VP Customer Relations
    After being a teacher for the last 17 years she has already been in detention four times this year.
  3. Judy Thomason VP Operations
    Taught Maksim how to dance and now he's a star!
  4. Lucas Larson Co-Owner - VP Sales
    He's always giving 100% unless he's donating blood.
  5. Mark McClendon Printer
    When Mark's not putting out fires he can be found burning screens.
  6. Mark "Nephew" Tinoco Printer
    A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery.
  7. Mark "Uncle" Aldaco Printer
    Uncle derived from what he kept saying after Cowboys games.
  8. Laxton Larson Man in Charge
    Dougie Howser has nothing on him. Laxton turned down several medical schools to pursue his dream of screen printing.